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Copdrop Screenshot

Copdrop started as an idea I had for an ios app. I decided to create a mock up of the app. Basically the app would serve as a handy tool to help you buy the most sought after apparel the day it releases by sending the user alerts and essential information regarding the apparel.

Caught Feeling Screenshot

Caught Feeling is an web app I createed powered by AngularJS, an MVW Framework. The purpose of the site is to display content in a nonintrusive manner with an emphasis on typography.

South Beach

This is a simple mobile app I designed for the ios. I was just playing around with the idea of an app that would help you view and book a hotel room in Miami.

A Month Of Rap Lyrics Screenshot

A month of rap lyrics is a site I created that is also powered by AngularJS. Everyday, for a month, I would add a lyric from a rap song that I thought had significance. Using CSS3 I added some cool page transitions and there is an easter egg that lets the user listen to the song where the lyrics came from.

About Me

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UI Designer

My goal when creating user interfaces for Web and mobile devices is to create a design system that is both appealing, appropriate, and usable for the user.


Front-End Developer

HTML and CSS are my bread and butter. I love tinkering with the latest and greatest technologies that the web has to offer. AngularJS, Sass, HTML5, and Wordpress among others.


More on me

When I do escape the cobra clutch of my computer I can be found at the gym, watching proffesional wrestling, listening to music, or watching basketball.

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